Lazaroo – Monday, July 18, 2016

Jul 18, 2016 I Lazaroo.


Pray this Lazaroo with undying love:

“Grace…from God…”
(2 John 1:3)

Thank You for grace, Jesus!

You – treating me better than my sins deserve.


God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

I still can’t fully comprehend what it cost You

to make my eternity in heaven a gift.

But it had to be!

Because try as I might
I could never earn it.

May I never take for granted

what You did for me
     what You do for me
          what You’re about to do for me.

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Psalms 103:8-14; Proverbs 2:7; Isaiah 26:10; John 1:17; Acts 20:24; Ephesians 2:8-9; 2 Timothy 4:8

What is Lazaroo?

Take Me Deeper

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV®. Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

3 responses so far.

  1. Steve Says:

    I’m lifting you up in prayer for God’s miracle, Jeane! Thank you so much for your kind words.

  2. Jeane Almon Says:

    Hi Steve, just letting you know I am still enjoying your spirit-filled lazaroos. I love what you write everyday but some days it hits home more. About Jesus…what you do..what you did….what you’re about to do. I have several things physically wrong with me that I thank God for taking me thru everyday, but I have a specific ailment right now that I am trusting Him to take it away at the end of the month when my medicine runs out. It could be serious but I told my Dr I wanted to go home take my medicine and get well before I took that awful test she wanted me to take. Thank you once again Steve for your dedication. I don’t know what I”d do without the lazaroo. God’s Blessings, Jeane

  3. Brenda Cheaney Says:

    Yes Amein…

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