How to start with Jesus



Nothing is more important than this decision you are now making.


Not your choice of a spouse, your friends, or a career.


The moment you accept what Jesus did for you on the cross, you go straight from death to Life.

You will instantly change your eternal destiny from hell to heaven.

You will begin to discover the amazing difference between having God with you…to having God in you, through the indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit.

You will immediately become part of the Family of God – two billion people (and counting!) of every age, sex, language and ethnicity, worldwide.

In short?

You are about to embark on the most dangerous, exciting, terrifying, rewarding, mysterious, fulfilling journey of your life.


Because at some point in the weeks, months and years to come, you will begin to discover your unique purpose – the specific reason for which God shaped you in your mother’s womb and placed you on this planet, at this time.

Oh, yeah.  It’s that good.

So.  Are you ready?

Of course, Jesus knows you better than you know yourself.  He already sees into your heart.  He knows exactly how you feel, every thought you’re thinking.

But He wants to have the joy of hearing you say it, anyway.

If you haven’t yet done so, here’s a simple prayer you can pray to Him right now, to give Him that joy and to make your entry into the forever family of God a reality:

The Prayer
(You know what?  It would be wonderful, if you’d dare to pray these next words aloud – with everything in you):

Dear God!

I believe!

I admit I’m a sinner.  I confess that no matter how hard I try, I could never become good enough to save myself.

I believe my only hope for eternal life is You, Jesus – because of what You did for me on the cross.

I am so sorry for my sins!  Please forgive me!

I believe You gave Your life for me when you died on that cross – just as You did for everyone else who puts their trust in You and in You alone.

I believe You’re God.  So when they crucified you on the cross, You didn’t stay dead.  I believe You rose from the dead three days later, just as You promised You would.  Thank You for the hundreds of eyewitnesses who saw You alive, ate with You, talked with You and even fished with You during the 40 days You spent on earth following Your resurrection!

Please come into my life, now, Jesus!

I turn my back on my old, sinful self.  It is my desire to fully cooperate with You as You turn me into the new person You created me to be.

I know I will never be perfect on this earth.  But each time I fall short, please help me get back on my feet, dust myself off and keep right on growing, until I reach full maturity in You.

In Your perfect way and time, please reveal to me the reason You put me on this earth.  Please prepare me, equip me, educate me and empower me to carry out the unique assignments I will receive from You.

And when my time on this earth is through, please take me to live with You forever – along with all those down through the ages who have put their trust in You.

I trust You and You alone to do all of these things and so much more.

It is in Your Name above all names I pray LORD Jesus!



Welcome to the Family of God.

If you prayed this prayer, I invite you to E-mail me ([email protected]) and let us know in the “Comment” section, below – so we can rejoice with you and begin to pray for God’s richest blessings to be yours!

Here’s something you may be shocked to learn:  The Bible reveals that the angels in heaven are looking on and have just this moment erupted in celebration over your decision!

At this point, you may be wondering if you should feel any different.  Depending on your personality, after praying such a prayer you may feel good, bad, happy, sad, thrilled, scared, fulfilled, disappointed, ecstatic, all of the above, none of the above…or exactly the same as you did before you prayed it.

But here’s the good news:  What you “feel” right now is absolutely irrelevant. Your new life in Jesus is NOT a “feeling.”

It’s a fact.

If you exchange wedding vows and sign a marriage license, it doesn’t make one ounce of difference whether or not you “feel” married.  In fact, right after their marriage, most people don’t!  But once that license is sent in and duly recorded, your marriage is a fact.

I’m sure it will be a relief to you to be reminded that God works even faster than your local government.  😉

The moment you chose to place your faith in Christ, you were IN!  In fact, God knew the exact day and time You would choose to follow Jesus long before you were ever born.

The Bible says your name has now been recorded in His Book of Life.

Now what?

That’s exactly what a crowd of people once asked a follower of Jesus named Peter, after he told them the good news about Jesus.  His answer?

Be baptized!

Baptism is an outward symbol of the invisible, spiritual miracle that has just taken place deep within you.

Since your first step after giving your life to Jesus is to be baptized, you’ll want to find a solid, Bible-believing church full of people who are sincerely doing their best to live out the Word of God they preach. Let them know you have given your life to Christ and ask them to baptize you.  They will be thrilled!

The church I’m privileged to pastor is 1on1 Church, in Evansville, Indiana.  We meet on Sunday nights, 6:00 pm, at 121 Walnut Street, four blocks south of the Ford Center.   We would be deeply honored to baptize you!  Just drop me an email ([email protected]) and we’ll work out a time to sit down together and answer any questions you might have.

Once we’ve answered your questions, we’ll come up with a mutually convenient time for you to be baptized.  But you don’t have to come alone!  In fact, I encourage you to invite all of your friends and family to come to church with you that night and celebrate with you, as you take this important step of obedience to Jesus.  When you rise from the water, be prepared for a thrilling rush of emotion, as the entire church will be cheering and clapping their hands for you!

However, if you already attend another Bible-believing church that lives out its faith, by all means, that’s where you should go.  If you don’t live within driving distance of Evansville and don’t have such a home church, where can you go to find one?

Just about anywhere in the world!  God has strategically placed His people in homes, cathedrals, storefronts and – in the most repressed parts of the world – in underground locations where God’s people meet to praise Him at the risk of their very lives.

The church I pastor is 1on1 Church, in Evansville, Indiana.  You can find us on Facebook.  We affirm every word of the Bible reflected in World Visions’s Statement of Faith and also presented in the historic creeds of the Christian faith.

None of the churches you will visit is perfect, including the one I am privileged to pastor.  There is a very simple reason for this:  there are people in each of them!  We’re all in process, all learning what it means to follow Jesus.  But don’t let that keep you from searching until you find the right spiritual home.  If you ask Him, God will lead you to the right church.

When you find your church, attend faithfully and get involved!  Although each church will use a somewhat different approach, every Biblically faithful church will go all out to welcome you, to include you in the life of the church and to solidly ground you in your new-found faith in Jesus Christ.

In the church I pastor, we seek to accomplish this by focusing on these five to thrive:

My daily 1on1 time with Jesus.

This is where it all begins.  Spend time with Jesus in His Word and in prayer every day.  By far the most important thing you can do is – get to know this wonderful Savior who loved you enough to die for you!  Everything else is a distant second.

If you carve out some priceless 1on1 time with Jesus today, then whatever else happens or doesn’t happen, this day is an unqualified success.  On the other hand, if you check off every item on your to-do list and fail to connect with your Savior today, then by comparison, your day is an empty shell of what might have been.  You will never know what He had in store for you that might have utterly transformed this very day – not to mention your entire future.

As I hope you have already discovered, this is the sole purpose of  It is the passion and purpose of my life to equip and inspire you to experience a deep, daily, moment-by-moment, 1on1 encounter with Jesus.

With all my heart, I hope you will continue to let us serve you.  If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to click the signup icon at the top of this page to receive your Daily Lazaroo.

But that is only the beginning in this adventure of knowing Jesus!  I encourage you to return often to Lazaroo and dive deeply into the resources we are constantly adding, in order to inspire you to explore the bottomless depths of the Savior’s love for you.

In addition, if you live within driving distance of Evansville, Indiana and don’t have a church home, I’d love to be your pastor.

1on1 Church
121 Walnut Street, just 4 blocks south of the Ford Center

4:30 pm – Liberation recovery group (all welcome!)
5:30 pm – Meet and Greet (refreshments, get acquainted)
6:00 pm – Main Worship

But even if you’re too far away to drive, I’d be honored to come alongside you, as you deepen your 1on1 relationship with Jesus.

  • Go to Church, click on Ustream – and worship with us live each Sunday,  6:00 pm Central
  • Go to, scroll down and listen to any of our 1on1 messages, 24/7

1 Book for my 1 and only life.

The Bible is God’s holy Word.  It is like no other book ever written.  If you make it your goal to spend time every day absorbing its truths, God will use it to transform your life.

Go to your local Bible bookstore and select a good translation, such as the NIV (New International Version) and keep it near you, for constant reference, reflection and revelation.  If you find yourself struggling to get as much from it as you hoped, you might want to try a paraphrase, such as The Message.

While you are in that Bible bookstore, you will see an amazing number of Bible study books for sale.  Many of them are excellent.  Ask a clerk for guidance and feel free to pick up one or two that look good.  They can be of enormous help.

In fact, after the Bible, the very first book I urge you to purchase is Rick Warren’s “Purpose-Driven Life.”  If you want an enjoyable, easily understandable crash course in Christianity, it is the best book (other than the Bible) I have ever read.

One caution:  Never allow yourself to make the mistake of only reading books ABOUT the Bible instead of reading the Bible itself.  No book about the Bible can hold a candle to the actual words of God contained in sacred Scripture.  It is only as you stay directly in God’s Word for yourself that you will be able to judge whether or not the other books you read (not to mention the sermons you hear and the advice you receive from well-meaning friends, family members, leaders, teachers, pastors and counselors) are, in fact, true to the whole of Scripture.

Where should you begin reading?  The Book of John is a great place to start.  When you finish that, you might want to keep reading into the Book of Acts and straight on through to the end of the New Testament.  For a change of pace, dip into Genesis, the Book of Proverbs, or the incomparable Book of Psalms.

Try reading a chapter a day and see how that goes.  If you become enthralled and want to keep reading, go for it!  If you find you need to read less than a chapter a day so as to avoid just skimming through, by all means, slow down and absorb!

The point is not to speed through the Bible’s pages.  Your aim is to truly understand what you are reading and apply the Bible’s amazing truths to your life.  Hands down, when you couple your prayer time with thoughtful Bible study, you are activating the fastest way to grow deep, strong and mature, as a Christian.

The incalculable power of God’s Word is why every Daily Lazaroo begins with a key passage from the Bible.  The Lazaroo prayer that follows pours straight out of that Bible truth, applying the direct implications of that verse to your life.  That is the secret of why each day’s Lazaroo is so powerful – its uncompromising faithfulness to the Word of God.

At the bottom of each day’s Lazaroo, I give you a series of Bible references you can click on to be certain that every word of the prayer you have just prayed is founded solidly upon God’s Word.  When you reach the end of this page, you will find I have done the same thing by providing you with a number of clickable verses of Scripture for every key principle I have shared with you here.

Do not EVER do something just because I – or anyone else – tells you to!  It is only safe to follow the advice of others when you can clearly affirm that what we are telling you is absolutely faithful to the Word of God.

Everyone in 1 well-led Small Group.

So many of God’s churches around the world offer great teaching, preaching and public worship opportunities inside rooms that gather together scores, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people. If you find yourself inspired to draw ever closer to Jesus through participation in this form of public worship, I encourage you to take advantage of it every chance you get.  Build it into your weekly schedule and move heaven and earth to keep placing yourself in that uplifting environment.

But don’t stop there.  To become everything Jesus created you to be, you’ve got to deliberately place yourself within the warm, loving protection of a small group of believers who are committed to living out the Word of God in their daily lives.

As you grow in Christ, you’re going to have a gazillion questions.  In most large worship settings, there’s just no opportunity to raise your hand, ask questions, dialogue back and forth and deal with every issue you and everyone else needs to wrestle through.

Not only that, it’s entirely possible to attend a church for years and never get beyond surface “hellos” with the people among whom you are worshiping.  What if you experience a health crisis, lose your job, or have to face a huge problem in your family?  Who’s going to know to pray for you and be there for you during this challenging time?  By the same token, you don’t know how many hurting people are struggling to be strong behind the polite smiles of those seated around you.

Small group is where the rubber meets the road.  It’s where you share your life story…where you hear the life stories of others…and where all of you help each other enfold your stories into the Story of Jesus.

Small group is where you go to know and be known…to love and be loved…to celebrate and be celebrated…and to be there for one another through the trials, hardships and sometimes brutal episodes of life.

Typically, Christian small groups meet in homes, restaurants, or in offices and factories before or after work.  Most meet weekly or biweekly.  There may be four or five people in your group, all the way up to ten or twelve.

When it gets much bigger than that number, it’s not a small group anymore.  Really good groups tend to grow too big for everyone to truly stay in touch with one another.  At that point – as tough as it is! – the wisest plan of action is usually to choose a well-grounded leader and apprentice…and birth another group.

From time to time, I’ll stand before my congregation and hold up a bunch of bananas.  I’ll break off one, strip down its yellow jacket and take a bite.  Then looking out over the people who are gathered there, I’ll smile and say –

“It’s the banana that gets separated from the bunch that gets peeled.”

Don’t let that happen to you!  Ask your pastor or church’s small group director to help you find a small group that is right for you.  Then do everything in your power not to miss a single time your group gets together.

Each 1 serving Jesus by serving 1 another

You will never reach your full potential in Christ if all you do is study the Bible, pray and meet with other Christians.  It’s great to talk the talk.  But there comes a time very early in your Christian life where it all means nothing unless you walk the walk.

You’ve got to get some skin in the game.  You’ve got to serve.

You do this by helping the poor, serving in your church and community, giving your tithes and offerings – in short, any outright action you take in order to please Christ.

But the most amazing thing of all is that when you serve others out of obedience to God’s Word…Jesus receives it as service directed to Him, Personally.

How personally does Jesus take it?  He promises to reward you with eternal treasure in heaven for everything you do for Him.  Everything.  Jesus even promises to reward you, if all you do is give someone a cup of cold water just because he or she belongs to Him!

My relationship with my unchurched friends here and around the world.

Why are you a Christian?  Because somebody told you about Jesus.

You’ve got to return the favor.

You’ve got to make it your lifestyle to tell people about Jesus.  I’m not talking being a salesperson (unless you are one!) or coming across judgmentally or obnoxiously.  Instead, look for ways to share your faith gently and respectfully.  It’s the greatest way you could ever love anyone, because trusting Jesus is their only hope of missing hell and going to heaven.

One of the best ways I know to do this is to whisper a silent prayer before you enter any setting in which unbelievers may be present – business meetings, restaurants, grocery stores, family gatherings – wherever.

Tell God something like this: “Lord, I’m available.  If there’s anyone I’m about to encounter who needs a word from me about You, please help me know who it is and what You want me to say.”

Sometimes you’ll simply invite them to your church.  At other times, you may say something that brings favorable attention to God, like, “Wow.  God sure gave us a gorgeous day!”

But from time to time, the LORD will give you the opportunity to share a tiny sliver of your faith.  At other times, He will very clearly give you the opening to tell someone how you came to put your trust in Jesus.

Here’s the thing:  Don’t let Satan intimidate you by suggesting you aren’t qualified to tell somebody else about Jesus!  You don’t have to be a Bible expert.  All that is necessary for God to use you in this amazing way is for you to simply be willing to share how you came to Christ.

That you can do.  In fact, you can do it better than anyone else, because you were there!  It’s your story!

If somebody asks you a question you can’t answer, welcome to the club.  I get asked questions like that, too.  All you have to say is, “Good question!  I don’t know the answer, but I’ll sure do my best to find out, or point you to someone who can.”

Simple, huh?

But don’t let your witness stop with the people who live near you.  Your heart for lost people needs to extend to those elsewhere in the world who have not yet had the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Sooner or later, God usually directs each Biblically-faithful church to focus its efforts on one or more parts of its city, state, nation and world.  Why?  Because  God loves the whole world, not just part of it.  Although no church can reach every part of the world, if each church reaches out to the section of the world God has assigned to it, we will be able – in God’s way and time – to reach the whole world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

I urge you to pray for your church’s missionaries and to give generously to the spread of the good news of Jesus into the countries God has laid on the hearts of your leaders.

One of the great ways to share the love of Jesus Christ globally is to go on a short-term mission trip and offer yourself to serve in whatever way you are needed.  If your church is typical, you will probably be given the opportunity to go to different sections of your city…to areas of regional need such as jails and prisons…to other parts of your nation – or perhaps even halfway around the world.  These trips are often made up of a small group of people from your church.  Some of them last only a few hours.  Others will require you to devote a day, or even a week or two.

Yes, it will cost you money and time.  Yes, there are hardships and risks involved with getting on a bus or a plane and walking into the needy lives of people immersed in a  situation, culture or language that are absolutely foreign to you.

But oh, is it worth it!  When your long-distance love suddenly becomes up-close and personal, you will never again be the same.

And in those eye-opening, mind-expanding moments, your heart will begin to beat as one with God.

Heads up

I know I have to bring this time of teaching to a close.  But I’m finding it extremely hard to do so.  I feel a little bit like Jesus did, when He told His followers –

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

The reason you have to be shrewd as a snake is that there is a snake – a “great serpent,” the Bible calls him – lying in wait for you.

I’m talking about Satan.

I know it’s currently in vogue to believe in God while attempting to ignore the existence of Satan.  But you can’t have it both ways.  Either God is a liar – and He isn’t! – or the devil is real and you had better be prepared to do battle with him.

The Bible is chock-full of warnings about Satan.  Why?  Because he’s real.  He’s extremely deceptive.  He’s a liar.  And he’s powerful.

The good news is that Satan is not ALL-powerful.  God is infinitely more powerful than he.  But Satan is strong enough to attack you and do his best to back you off of the decision you have made to follow Jesus.

Satan is furious that you have given your life to Christ!  In one instant, you have switched sides and become his sworn, eternal enemy.

Satan is a bad loser.  From this moment forward, he will do everything in his power to make you regret the decision you have made and try to make you doubt its reality. Failing that, he will attempt to distract you by making your life as difficult as it is within his power to do.

Years ago, I attended First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida on a Sunday morning, when Dr. Jerry Vines shared this insight:

“A man once told me he didn’t believe in the devil because in all his years, he had never run into him.

“I replied, ‘You aren’t likely to run into Satan so long as you and he are going the same way!  But if the day ever comes when you trust Christ, turn your life around and start heading in the opposite direction, you can be certain you’ll run into the devil almost immediately.’”

With this Biblical principle in mind, think about what you have just done:  You have repented of your sins.  To “repent” means to do a 180-degree turn and head in the opposite direction.  What does that mean?

You and Satan are about to have a head-on collision.

I’m not telling you this to frighten you.  I’m telling you this to prepare you.

I want you to be fully armed and ready for the spiritual battle you are about to experience.  Although God will give you welcome periods of rest and recuperation, this battle against Satan and all his forces of evil will continue, largely unabated, throughout the rest of your life on this earth.

Why does God allow this to go on?

To make you a strong, mighty warrior in Christ.

The only way to build physical muscles is to provide them with resistance, which is what you do when you lift weights.  That is exactly how you will build “spiritual muscle.”  God tells you to “resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Satan’s chief battlefield is your mind.  He will suggest to you a mixture of clever temptations, doubts, twisted logic, suspicions, fears, partial truths and outright lies.

This next point is crucial:

Satan will do his best to disguise these implanted thoughts to make you think they are your own.  He knows if you misidentify his ideas as your own, you are far more likely to accept them.

It is up to you to set a guard over every thought that pops into your mind.  When an unbiblical thought occurs to you, God tells you to take it captive and make it obedient to Christ.  How does this work in real life?  Like this:

A real-life example

Suppose someone says something that really hurts you.  Suddenly the thought pops into your mind, “Hey!  This is how I can pay him back!”

That idea comes straight out of the pits of hell.  But note how Satan attempts to hide his presence from you.  He doesn’t say, “This is how YOU can pay him back.”  Instead, he uses the first-person wording to disguise himself and make you think this is YOUR thought, not his: “Hey!  This is how I…”

So how do you arm yourself against something that devious and potentially effective?

Stay on your guard!

That means you need to form this powerful, liberating habit:

Examine each thought that enters your mind.

Now let’s return to the thought that popped into your mind to get “revenge.”  Even as you start to entertain the idea of “getting even,” an inner warning signal will go off:

“You know…for some reason, something about this revenge idea doesn’t sound quite right.”

That “warning signal” is from God Spirit, who now lives in you!  Jesus promised He Himself would come to live inside you in the Person of the Holy Spirit.  Because you now belong to God, the Holy Spirit is always with you, as your Guide.

Now you have two opposing thoughts to consider, don’t you?  One says, “Get revenge.”  The other says, “Huh-uh.”  You know they can’t both be right.  So how do you break the tie?

A great way to do it is to go to a site like and check to see if God’s Word has anything to say about revenge.

In a few moments, you’ll discover:  “Wow.  Does it ever!”  You’ll open your Bible and read:

“Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.”

“Whew!” you’ll breathe.  “Close one.  Thank You, Jesus.”

That’s when you need to get tough:

“Get out of here, Satan.  I will NOT do anything to get even with this person.”

Can you see what you just did?  You resisted Satan.  And in that moment, you just got a little bit stronger.

Then you’ll give your attention solely to God:

“Jesus, I’m turning this entire situation over to You.  You know the pain this person has caused me.  They may have meant it for my harm, but I’m asking You to turn it around for my good.

“You know this person’s heart, LORD.  You know what they did and didn’t mean to do.  If mercy is called for, I trust Your judgment.  After all, I’ve needed your mercy when I didn’t deserve it, times beyond counting.

“But if punishment is called for, I’m more than happy to turn the job over to You.  You have the ability to punish them far more effectively than I could ever begin to do on my own!”

Make sense?

That’s your life, from now on.  I’m not exaggerating.  Check out the Scripture links below.  From this moment your struggle –

“…is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Ignore this reality and you’re toast.  Accept it, lean into it, become adept at it, grow strong in it – and step by step, day by day, you will increasingly become everything Jesus created you to be.

As you can imagine, it really helps to have a good, working knowledge of God’s Word.  You won’t always have Bible Gateway nearby.  That’s one more reason for you to let the daily Lazaroo ignite your 1on1 extended time with Jesus in the Bible and in prayer every single day.


‘Nuff said.

For now.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of Rick Warren’s “Purpose-Driven Life” and read it cover to cover, ASAP!

I love you.  Seriously.  Oh, admittedly, I can’t love you like someone who knows you well – especially if we’ve never met.  But the love I have in my heart for you right now is deep, lasting and real.  It’s not me.  It’s Jesus in me.  Because now…Jesus is in you.  We’re family.  You’ll discover the same thing wherever you go – feeling connected to people you’ve never met, simply because of the Presence of Jesus in both of you.  It’s an inexplicable, supernatural bond.

Thank you for giving me this privilege.

In Him,


Ignite your prayer life!

Stephen Schwambach
Pastor, 1on1 Church Church
Twitter:  @steve1on1

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Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV®. Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

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  1. Lana Says:

    Thank you for this lesson. It has actually answered a few questions I’ve had. I’ve asked Christ to come into my life on several different occasions but never followed through with a bible based church or opening a bible. I know Satan better than I know Jesus and I would like that to change because my life sucks. Its just when I try to read the bible, I don’t understand it. My comprehension level in the real world is about a 1… In the biblical world, I struggle greatly to understand it then give up and the devil pays me a visit. This has been the way of life since I was a teen. The devil tempts me with suicide all the time. I’m afraid one day he will succeed because I don’t know the only one who can save me. Anyway, thank you for listening. Its helped a lot.

  2. Gary Weerts Says:

    Greetings; AS always, I find great value in reading the word of Jesus.Finding insight in ( Gems ) even the least written.The above caption is also a stimulating piece of literature well worth reading as it lends guidence with Spiritual knowledge.

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