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I can’t tell you how much your trust means to me.

I don’t take it lightly.

It’s important to me for you to know something:

I don’t start each day’s Lazaroo sitting at my computer.

I begin each Lazaroo on my face before the LORD
begging Him to use me to ignite your 1on1 time with Him.

After that, I pick up my Bible and listen intently for His inner leading…prompting…direction.

Only then am I ready to sit down at my computer – with fear and trembling!

 – and begin to write.

Without His supernatural guidance, I am painfully aware none of this can happen.

He’s the only One Who knows exactly what you are going to need from Him in that precise moment when you open your Lazaroo…

…and begin fervently to pray.

I am deeply grateful that you’re giving this daily Lazaroo experience a try.
What an adventure you and Jesus are about to begin together!

One more thing –

If the LORD ever uses a Lazaroo in some special way in your life – and if you have the time – will you please leave me a quick comment?

I feel such a heavy responsibility before the LORD – and you! – to get this thing right.

It means more than words can say each time you let me know God has used this humble tool of Lazaroo.

Because compared to your daily 1on1 relationship with Jesus?

Nothing else matters.

In Him,


Stephen Schwambach

What is Lazaroo?

Take Me Deeper

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV®. Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

41 responses so far.

  1. Rita Brown Says:

    This IS WONDERFUL! Surely it’s straight from God! He is so good. I know pastor will be so blest for doing this.
    I live in Madisonville, ky

  2. Bev Barnett Says:

    I can’t wait to get started 1on1 with Jesus in my everyday learning to here his voice the Holy Spirit leading me on new journey for my life thank you so much Pastor Steve keep up the awesome work for the Lord

  3. bob rosenthal Says:

    In my very busy life, I have felt something was really missing. I call you every day from my job, when things get quiet, and the message of our Lord lifts me right up. Thank you, thank you, for opening my eyes and heart to the Message that can make me whole. Please send my regards to your dad, who I’m sure is a wonderful man.

    Bob Rosenthal

  4. Susan Kirk Says:

    Just signed up, Pastor Steve. I look forward to my trip with Lazaroo and you!

  5. olivia Says:

    this is pretty cool

  6. Jeane Almon Says:

    Sorry I got kicked off…continuing… but nothing has taken me thru the whole bible like this daily program does. God Bless you Steve!!!!

  7. Jeane Almon Says:

    Pastor Steve, Thanks so much for your dedication day in and day out. For seeking God’s direction. everyday is a blessing but some days smacks you and fills you with his holy spirit. I never want this to end. Thru the yrs teaching I read where the lesson derived from. I read where the minister’s sermon was from, and from devotions etc.

  8. Jim Braker Says:

    Thanks always inspiring

  9. Mike Says:

    Thanks for Lazaroo! I’m amazed how often it’s the same scripture the Lord is poking me with…

  10. Lisa Says:

    I appreciate the wisdom in Lazaroo everyday and make it a part of my morning routine! Thanks Steve!!

  11. Steve Says:

    Wow, Norm. You’ve made my day.

  12. Steve Says:

    Thank you so much, Clasi!

  13. Norm Carlson Says:

    Your posts are bringing me closer to the Lord through the Word. You are a conduit for the Holy Spirit.

  14. Clasi Says:

    I look for you in my email first thing every morning!! Starts my day out GREAT!! Thank you so very much for sharing the Lord with me!!! He is using you in a wonderful way!! Please keep up the fantastic work!!

  15. Robert Weldon Says:

    This ministry leads me closer back to my Lord & Savior every morning. Thanks you for sharing!

  16. Donna Pollard Says:

    I switched e-mail addresses…I love these…I forward them to my worship team as well. You always seem to hit something that one of us need at the moment. Thanks again!

  17. David Thomas Says:

    Thank you.

  18. Todd Says:

    Is this the answer, fast prayer, straight to the point? prayer is what it is, and we all know what it does to our lives. i myself appreciate the “Straight shooter ” approach! Amen…

  19. William B. Miller Jr. Says:

    Paster Steve:
    I log on everymorning at 5:00am est. I hope your message arrives at that time so I can start my day with a word from the LORD.

  20. Karla Says:

    I’m going to try it, but all the violent imagery worries me.

  21. Pip Says:

    Is there a way to have Lazaroo go straight to the desktop of a computer? I dont check my email much but i’ve heard Lazaroo is great so i’ll be trying to get on more to see:)

  22. Laresa J. Probus Says:

    How grateful I am to you Pastor Steve. I am so yearning to grow intimate and close to my Jesus, my Saviour again. “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I will be” Oh how I need Christian Brothers and Sisters praying for me and up lifting me.
    I’m so excited about having Lazaroo every morning before I start my day. Now I have help finding scriptures to help me stay strong.
    October 12, 2009

  23. becky smith Says:

    thanks for the prompt for those of us with insightbb….i’ve missed my lazaroo!

  24. Brian Klaas Says:

    Pastor Steve,
    Thanks for helpig me start each day with the focus and perspective of God’s word.

  25. Kelly Weiss Says:

    Wow……I sometimes forget how SIMPLE it is!! Thanks so very much for sharing your heart, and God’s truth!!

  26. Jeff Allbright Says:

    Pastor Steve,
    I don’t often post remarks about the daily lazaroo’s but I enjoy them each day. Jesus,coffee,Lazaroo, don’t leave home without them !!

  27. Frances Sweezer Says:

    I enjoy Lazaroo so much. It makes me think deeper
    than I might do on my own.

  28. Larry Kramer Says:

    Wonderful Ministry. Thank you.

  29. Mary Kramer Says:

    Enjoy Lazaroo very much

  30. Gary Weerts Says:

    Thank you Pastor Steve; This is great.No better way to connect with Jesus and Prayer life than this.May the Blessings of God be with you and Yours.

  31. Steve Says:

    Wow, guys. I didn’t expect these responses. You’ve touched me deeply.

  32. John Tevault Says:

    Please keep sending the lazaroo!!

  33. Nick Wade Says:

    Great way to start the morning. My cup of coffee and my Lazaroo. It has jump started my one on one time with God. Thanks Pastor Steve!

  34. Barbara Schley Says:

    The prayers are wonderful and touch me deeply. I also love the “instructions” on how to pray them! I look forward to reading them every morning – what a way to start your day.

  35. Millie Janes Says:

    I appreciate receiving the Lazaroo every morning as I open up my computer. My husband and I were taking youth from Olney, IL to TTT years ago when you were attending.
    Blessings to you and your church!

  36. Dan Says:

    Pastor Steve, you rock!! Thank you so much for doing this. You are an awesome Pastor!!!

  37. Liz Conner Says:

    I love the Lazaroo pageand I print it out everyday. It keeps me focused and gives me that spiritual pick me up that gets me through the day. Thanks Pastor Steve.

  38. Ellan Says:

    Thank you for Lazaroo!

  39. Jack Cockman Says:

    Great Job Steve,It is the first thing I open each day..

  40. Kevin Dangler Says:

    Great ministry…keep ’em coming! Thanks so much for all you do!

  41. Michelle Says:

    I love Lazaroo! Certainly helps you stay focused; challenges those critical thinking skills; and helps you to grow in your daily walk with Christ.

    Excellent Pastor Steve ~ keep up the good work :–)

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