Lazaroo – Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013 I Lazaroo.


Pray the words of this Lazaroo aloud, with sober determination:

“Then Joab returned from pursuing Abner and assembled all his men. Besides Asahel, nineteen of David’s men were found missing. But David’s men had killed three hundred and sixty Benjamites who were with Abner.”
(2 Samuel 2:30-31)

Thank You, Jesus for promising me victory

and delivering on Your promise.

You’ve done it so often that even when it feels like defeat

I know it isn’t.

All I have to do is wait.
Victory is on the way.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be


incomprehensible losses..

Some tragedies I experience have at least some rationale to them.

Maybe it was something I brought on myself.
Maybe I can detect a silver lining in the dark cloud.

But other defeats appear to have absolutely no rhyme nor reason.

So when those blow up in my face
the only comfort I have is knowing

You…I can trust.

Deuteronomy 30:7-10; Exodus 4:19-20; 1 Samuel 19:1-3; 1 Kings 20:36; Matthew 5:11-12; Matthew 10:24-33; Luke 13:31-35; John 7:19-20; Hebrews 10:35-39; Hebrews 11:34-40; 1 John 4:4

What is Lazaroo?

Take Me Deeper

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV®. Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

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